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Nov 10, 2011
This article is part of a series called Ask Barb.

Dear Barb:

Of course while making calls and talking with candidates I’m building an email database in my specialty (surgical space). I’m also scouring the Web at night to compile appropriate names and email addresses.

I’m reviewing your various scripts (enticement, profiling, etc.) and thinking about how best to convert them to an email blast. Then I figured, before going further, I might as well just ask you if you have a recommended approach/script/letter for email blasts to passive candidates. Thanks in advance. I appreciate any guidance you can provide.

Andy K., Sarasota FL

Dear Andy:

We send out an article of interest bi-monthly to our entire candidate database. We also include a list showing a sampling of current opportunities. You need to use the same approach with passive candidates.

Provide them with valuable information such as “How do you negotiate the best raise?” or another topic they would want to read. Then add a list of your current opportunities telling them this is just a sampling of the type of positions you represent. When people get a list, they are more apt to forward it to their people in their address book.

It’s the same concept as COSTCO or SAM’S CLUB when they give you a “sampling” of their products to entice you to invest. If you don’t want to take the time to write articles… you could use the services of freelance writers on Just confirm that the writer you hire has English as their first language.

FYI – we also send a bi-monthly article of interest to clients/prospects with a sampling list of the talent we’re representing. Often they forward it to other hiring authorities.

Hope this helps!

Barb Bruno, CPC, CTS

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This article is part of a series called Ask Barb.
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