Are You the Kind of Recruiter Who Uses the Post Office?

Nov 21, 2014

Social network recruiter quizWhat kind of a recruiter are you?

Nope, that’s not a trick question. But if it were your boss asking that question, it could be. So not to give anyone any ideas, you might want to take this quiz on your own device.

Now about that quiz. It’s a Instagram/Pinterest sort of thing from UK recruiting startup Seed.Jobs. Answer a handful of questions by pointing to pictures and eight clicks later you find you’re an inbound recruiter. (I think it’s because I pack my own lunch.)

Monster Trouble In 6 Seconds

As if Monster doesn’t have enough troubles, it’s now advising candidates to fudge their resumes. Reposting a blog item from Business2Community, the article cites a TheLadders study about the six second scan recruiters give an average resume.

What to do to catch a recruiter’s eye?

“What you can do, is stretch the truth a little on the job title. I’m sure we’ve all done this before. A good piece of advice is to match the titles on your resumes to titles they have in their company.”

Job Offer Advice: Double the PTO

Your great candidate wants more money, but you’ve already hit the pay ceiling on average vcation time usedthe offer. Here’s what you do: Double the vacation time.

Crazy idea? Sure is. Before your hiring manager has you committed, show her this chart.

Since about 1997, when workers took 21 paid days off a year, the average PTO used has dropped. In 2013 it averaged 16 days. They get an average of almost 21 days of vacation and paid personal days. They give back a work week’s worth of time off a year.

Crazy like a fox.

The Worst, Or Is It the Best?

college athletic recruiting letterYour humble Roundup writer (see, I’m fudging myself here) can’t decide what to make of this college sports department recruiting pitch. Trying really, really hard to be topical and cool, the University of Dallas athletic department sent this letter a couple of weeks before Halloween.

It didn’t work. Brittanie Adams was definitely not impressed. And USA Today scoffed at everything from the font to the type of paper.


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