Apparently This Is the Week to Change Your Name

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Jun 25, 2015

At least three recruiting-technology companies I’ve heard from this week are changing their names, reflecting in many cases a change of direction for the firms.

This includes:

  • The Resumator, which is now, naturally, Jazz. While the old name makes you think “resume,” under the new name the company is emphasizing quality of hire. Jazz “allows hiring managers to use current employee performance feedback to uncover the skills and talent attributes that are predictive of candidates who will be top-performing employees if hired.” Profiles of ideal candidates are built, and interviewers are encouraged to assess candidates against these profiles.
  • Recsolu, which is now, of course, Yello. Recsolu’s roots are in college recruiting, but it’s broadening under CEO and co-founder Jason Weingarten. “More than just software, the company also provides its clients with recruiting, change management, and analytics thought leadership,” the Chicago company says. It has mobile recruiting apps, for example, and is used for sourcing, scheduling, posting jobs, and building candidate pipelines. And, it’s emphasizing high-volume hiring, and experienced (not just college) hires.

  • Brazen Careerist, which you may know because of its online career fairs. Now, it’s just Brazen. And, it’s moving to a platform for companies to host messaging and chats and online meetups — not just for recruiting but for retention, or even for marketing, fundraising, or for colleges to connect with alumni, students, and prospective students. Brazen also raised $4.7 million in funding from multiple groups, including the Randstad Innovation Fund.

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