Another Recruiting Technology Launch, More on eHarmony, ZipRecruiter

Aug 22, 2017

A trio of tidbits for today:

  • Vervoe is launching in the U.S. with a funding round of $1 million. For small/medium-size businesses and currently used by Uber Asia, it wants to replace in-person interviews with online simulations, video, and work samples.
  • Some details I’m learning re: eHarmony’s job-matching tool, which I said earlier this year wasn’t dead yet, and whose sale was just announced … Crystal Miller Lay, who has done marketing for the project, says eHarmony’s Chief Data Scientist Steve Carter, who was recently recruited to Facebook, will join Candidate.Guru’s board and advise its data-science team. Candidate.Guru, Miller Lay says, will drop the consumer focus of the eHarmony product and concentrate on helping employers quantify their cultures, predict who’ll fit in them, and what obstacles are in the way of employee success.
  • I met up in Santa Monica yesterday with ZipRecruiter’s CEO, Ian Siegel, who tells me the company is about a month away from a major overhaul to the job-seeker experience on its website, one it hopes will clearly differentiate ZipRecruiter from the many other job boards, whose posts, Siegel feels, all look about the same.