An IT Tech’s Blueprint For Hiring Talent Like Him

Jul 31, 2013

How does a team of technical co-founders recruit a top notch designer?

Maybe they realized it; maybe not. But whoever posted that question to Quora asked what every recruiter on the planet has wondered at one time or another: How can I recruit the best candidate for my job?

It’s a simple question, yet one to which there is neither a simple answer nor even consensus about just what combination of characteristics, background, skills, experience, personal traits, and so on make someone “the best candidate” or even a “top notch” candidate.

Yet right there on Quora, amidst the predictable suggestions about searching GitHub and hitting the networking circuits, is a blueprint for building a recruiting program to attract not only a coder-designer. but an entire team of tech talent.

Some of designer Colm Tuite’s advice is specific to corporate recruiting programs, but for search professionals, he offers insight into the heart and soul of a tech. How much of what he — and others like him — value in an employer can be found at the company whose job order you’re filling?

Writes Tuite:

It’s very important to me that my goals are aligned with the goals of the company I work for. Salaries and perks like fancy office chairs and travel expenses change from year to year and can be worked out over time but if our goals are not aligned, then it may never work out.

Don’t say what everyone else says, he counsels. Don’t be imitative. Be honest. Be clear and specific.

In the end, different people have different goals and interests. No single offer will entice everyone. So just try to accurately portray who you are and what your mission is. Stay away from all the cliches and sweeping promises. Be honest, speak in a human tone. Use concise text, lots of images and short videos to explain who you are, who you are looking for and why you want them.

His complete response to the question is here. It is well worth reading.

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