AKKEN Adds Comprehensive Payroll Processing Options to Staffing and Recruitment Business Management Suite

Oct 19, 2010

Akken, provider of the cloud-based all-in-one business management suite for staffing and recruitment firms, announced at Staffing World last week that it has added net payroll processing capability to AKKEN Staffing, in addition to its existing integration with QuickBooks and third party payroll service providers. AKKEN Staffing now provides the most complete and flexible set of options for payroll management. To improve visibility into business operations, AKKEN also introduced new customizable dashboards that aggregate and present front to back office performance metrics in graphical form.

To reduce the cost associated with payroll processing, AKKEN Staffing now provides built-in capabilities to handle this time consuming process. Since AKKEN provides integrated front and back office management capabilities, payroll processing becomes a seamless component of existing workflows and erases the need to make double entries of payroll data. AKKEN Staffing also automatically processes federal, state, county, city, and school taxes to avoid pay errors which can occur when temporary workers are assigned to different employers within the same pay period.

The net payroll processing function within AKKEN Staffing complements its existing integration with Intuit QuickBooks software and third party payroll service providers, and provides the most complete and flexible choice of payroll processing alternatives for staffing forms. AKKEN QuickBooks Sync automatically exports and synchronizes payroll data in AKKEN with the popular small business accounting program. For companies that prefer to outsource the payroll processing function to a third party, with a single click AKKEN Staffing generates a customized report that is sent to payroll service providers and payroll funding companies.

“Payroll processing is one of the most costly and time consuming operations for staffing and recruitment firms, which must keep track of large populations of workers who are assigned to companies in different states, counties, and cities – sometimes in the same week,” said Giridhar Akkineni, CEO of AKKEN. “AKKEN Staffing eliminates the need to manually enter payroll data in a separate accounting package or generate reports for payroll service providers. Our new capabilities seamlessly integrate payroll processing as part of the normal workflow of managing a staffing business, with no additional steps required.”

Additionally, to help staffing and recruitment firms dynamically manage their business, identify trends, and address internal problems and market opportunities, AKKEN Staffing has added customizable performance management dashboards to its existing report generation capabilities. The new dashboard functionality provides graphical end-to-end visibility into business performance by gathering, aggregating, and presenting data from both front to back office activity in a single view. Users can track and investigate any number of key business performance metrics including: sales pipeline forecast, job order pipeline, job fills, candidate submissions, new candidate sources, user activity, time to fill, gross margin trend, pay/bill trend, and more.  The dashboards and underlying business data they can be used to view are governed by AKKEN Staffing’s centralized access control system. This capability enables management to only allow authorized users to gain access to the dashboards and limit which data they can see based on their role within the company.