A Very Familiar Talent-acquisition Industry Name is Starting an Agency to Recruit Recruiters

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May 2, 2017

Uber-connected recruiter Stacy Donovan Zapar is launching a new agency aimed at hiring recruiters, as well as others in sourcing, employment branding, recruiting operations, talent-acquisition leadership, and so on.

Zapar has been speaking at multiple industry conferences like Sourcecon, connecting vociferously on LinkedIn, and doing recruitment-marketing work through her company Tenfold, helping clients like Netflix and Zappos.

Several months in the making, the new offering is The Talent Agency. It’ll focus on permanent jobs, unlike, say Search Wizards, which is more for having recruiting consultants do contract work.

As ammunition for her new offering, Zapar’s fond of a Lever study implying that recruiting is one profession ripe for direct sourcing; Lever finds that recruiters, versus other professions, are “the least likely to be referred” (just 13 percent of hires).

Zapar started a Facebook group for The Talent Agency, and is interviewing people to join her company. For now, she’ll likely handle working with employers, and the recruiter or recruiters she hires will work more with candidates.

For an CRM, she’s using Ascendify to collect information on recruiters who are interested in submitting a resume and answering a few questions. In the future, she plans on adding networking events, both live and online.

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