A Message For Employers: 5 Ways A Search Professional Will Improve Your Hiring

Jan 29, 2015

The first weeks of 2015 have seen a plethora of warnings to employers about the imminent scarcity of talent. All predictions suggest that companies will find it increasingly difficult to recruit qualified candidates. Traditional hiring solutions such as job boards and LinkedIn are likely to attract active jobseekers, not the talent that will make a difference to your business.

If that sounds familiar, it may be time to work with a specialist recruiter for your next hire. Here’s why:

Recruiters are skilled in engaging with talent: Identifying qualified candidates is one thing. Attracting and then engaging with that talent requires the skill of a recruiter who specializes in your sector. You may be innovative when it comes to IT development, but selling your job offer to a candidate who probably has three more on the table requires an in-depth understanding of the market, your competition, and the candidate. Most employers don’t have either the time or resources to achieve that understanding and even those with a dedicated HR department may lack the skills to actively engage with passive talent.

Recruiters understand the requirements of the job more than you do: A recruiter will also advise on whether or not your expectations are realistic in terms of both salary expectations and caliber of available candidates. They know where to find the talent your business needs, how to attract their interest – and how to manage your expectations.

Recruiters reduce time to hire: High achievers aren’t searching for your vacancies; they are focused on exceeding their performance objectives. They won’t respond to traditional recruiting methods such as job boards and networking sites. Both of these sources are time consuming and will not provide you with a suitable shortlist.

A search firm’s established teams locate and approach candidates quickly, reducing time to hire. How often do you lose talent in your pipeline due to lack of communication and engagement? The biggest problem clients often face is making a choice from their shortlist!

Recruiters are more likely to secure acceptance of your offer: A skilled recruiter liaises with candidates throughout the hiring process, providing feedback and advising on the job offer. Counteroffers are on the rise. Experienced recruiters will ensure that their candidates are pre-qualified — and that includes handling the counteroffer, ensuring that all potential objections to your offer are anticipated and resolved in advance.

Recruiters reduce the cost of hire: The cost of replacing a departing employee is estimated at between one third to three times their annual salary depending on the impact of the role within the organization. Most employers commit significant costs to advertising, screening and interviewing candidates only for it to result in a bad hire, increasing hiring costs further. A skilled recruiter provides a shortlist of qualified candidates and ensures the smooth progress of the hiring process from shortlist presentation through to on-boarding and the integration of the new employee. Happy employees mean higher retention levels, a more engaged workforce and reduced hiring costs.

When it comes to sourcing the best available talent, can you afford not to work with a recruiter?

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