A Look at the Retention and Attraction Competition Between 7 Tech Companies

Jul 24, 2013

Dublin atriumHeadhunting from your competitors is a great place to start recruiting, and a strategy that everyone employs. So this must also be the case when companies are looking to recruit recruiters.

Our analysts at Careerify were hungry to learn more about this by observing one of the few honest things we have left in this world: numbers. To make this a more manageable task, we focused on seven of the larger tech companies in the world: Oracle, IBM, SAP, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. By aggregating data available via social networks, and data collected by Careerify over the years, the objective was to learn more about HR/recruiters who are either currently working, or have at some point in their careers worked at one the seven companies to depict their journey to and from the companies.

We’ve broken down the findings into four main categories: Retention, Attraction, Executive Development, and Surprise Findings. Below is an infograph as a summary of our findings. Click on it to enlarge it.


Objective: See which organization has held on to most of their HR/recruiters.

Winner: Google

Granted that Google is one of the younger of its six competitors, of the 6,873 HR/recruiters who have identified themselves as “Googlers” at some point in their career, 2,614 currently identify themselves as employees of Google in HR/recruitment. This implies a retention of just over 38 percent. Honorable mention goes to Amazon who fell just short at 37.5 percent.


Objective: See which organization has attracted the most HR/recruiters from one of the other companies.

Winner: Google

No big surprise here; the ever-growing internet giant has attracted 174 HR/recruiters from the other companies, and only lost eight HR/recruiters to the other companies. Another honorable mention goes to Amazon which again falls just shy with 146 HR/recruiters attracted from one of the six other companies, but have not lost any to the six other companies.

Executive Development

Objective: See which organization has trained the most HR executives in the industry today. An HR executive is defined as holding one of the following titles: CHRO, VP/SVP/EVP HR, and VP/SVP/EVP Talent Acquisition.

Winner: SAP

Although based on just numbers, IBM has trained 626 HR/recruiters to become HR executives at any company today, the highest number of the other companies, SAP boasts the highest percentage. With a total of 7,554 HR/recruiters identifying themselves as employees of SAP at some point in their career, 2 percent of them are in HR executive roles.

Surprise Findings

Oracle and Apple are the only two companies to attract/headhunt less than 2 percent of their HR/recruiters from one of the other six companies.

More’s here on the methodology