A List of Recruiter Associations

Jan 8, 2001

I’m amazed to discover how many recruiting networks exist. While the Electronic Recruiting Exchange is certainly an important one, I know even they would agree that, just as no single career portal would suffice as the only place to post your jobs, there is no single recruiters’ portal that can cover all your recruiting networking needs. With the Internet making it as easy to find candidates around the world as it is around the corner, and fee-splitting becoming commonplace, it makes sense to link up with multiple recruiters’ networks. Another reason to join: such networks are also “pick-their-brain” resources. For example, you can usually find at least one recruiter targeting candidates in the same industry, function and even geographic area who has tried niche job site X that you’ve been considering, or knows a Boolean search string that would be perfect to find the elusive candidate type you need. Since many of them charge no membership fees or at least offer a free trial period membership, it’s a no-brainer to check them out. One advantage of the many local recruiter groups that populate the list below is that they usually hold live meetings where people can interact face-to-face, and guest experts often attend to present timely topics, immediately followed up by a Q&A session. At least for now, these are things that still work better in a live group setting than a virtual one. I have assembled a fairly comprehensive list of recruiter associations that should benefit you. If you know of other related groups I’m missing, please email them to


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