A is for Apathy

Nov 30, 2009

We’re facing the last weeks of the year, and for many of you, this is the first time you have faced month after month of lackluster billings. But don’t coast through these last few weeks with your shoulders slumped and phone unplugged. Now is not the time to give up, not the time for apathy, and not the time to quit. It’s the time to plan, plan, plan!

The December issue of The Fordyce Letter explores this topic in detail, suggesting that there is no better time than December to look back at the year through an unfiltered lens and learn from mistakes made.

In his terrific article, Mike Gionta writes the following sage advice:

Some of you reading this may have had a PHENOMENAL year (yes, there were some of you!) and be thinking this article does not apply to you. Well, frankly, you are wrong! Even in great success, there are mistakes. Sure, celebrate your success, but analyze how you got there.

On the other hand, do you tend to blame circumstances, the economy, your health, etc., for what held you back this year? Did you have a poor year because “no one is hiring?”

Are you waiting for a dramatic turn in the economy to execute a written business plan? Please don’t do this! There is NO learning blaming circumstances! There is NO personal development there either!

Most of you own or manage your own recruiting firms because you did not want to depend on a corporation to make a living. Yet you have semi-consciously made yourself now dependent on the economy to fully engage in YOUR business.

Sure, it’s tough out there. Sure, hiring is a trailing indicator and good openings are at a premium. However, this industry still did BILLIONS in revenue this year.

The past is over, you can’t change it. GET OVER IT! Do, however, ANALYZE it. Ask questions like, “What was it in me that brought this outcome?” and/or “Knowing what I know now, what will I do in a similar situation going forward?”

How did you lead? Did you find yourself asking, “Why won’t my recruiters just get on the phone?” Did you lead by example, or were you sulking about the economy at your desk?

So let’s be honest: did you avoid setting a personal vision and/or defined targets? Or did you actually execute a written plan containing specific numeric activity targets, all tied to well-defined personal goals? Let’s make December a strong month, one that propels us forward in January and beyond.

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