5 Things We Can Learn from the Social-media Strategies of These Food Giants

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Dec 21, 2018

The fast-food giants have excellent social-media game, and we could learn from in recruitment. Keep reading to find out how you could take some tips from these brands’ social media savvy to power your recruitment efforts.

Be Responsive and Engage

How often do you have conversations with people who follow your account? If people are interested in a role, they may appreciate some interaction and answers to any questions they have in real time. Email is well and good, but we’re living in a time of instant gratification. If it takes just seconds to book a taxi journey for example; why should you wait days for an email response to a question?

One brand that is excellent at responding to their followers is McDonald’s. With thousands of McDonald’s franchises across the world, it can be hard for it to respond to individual complaints or requests. But it use its Twitter accounts to respond often to questions and even criticism from its customers. Do the same for feedback on your hiring processes.

Use Humor When Necessary

Burger King, one of the biggest fast food chains in the world, knows that maintaining a funny social media presence is vital to its brand.

Burger King went viral after it poked fun at rapper Kanye West who announced that its rival McDonald’s was his favorite restaurant.

We’re not advising you to make jokes about would-be applicants directly, but putting a little humor into your job descriptions could be a good idea. A funny job title or alternative title next to the official role could make some people laugh. This, in turn, will make your recruitment post highly shareable, increasing its reach and the likelihood of finding the right candidate.

Make Use of Images and Videos

Instagram and even Facebook and Twitter are image-driven sites. People have short attention spans — a wall of text on their timeline may not be seen, but interesting images or videos may pique their attention.

KFC UK recently took this tip to the next level by introducing a series of short videos on its Twitter account. Seemingly for no reason, the fried chicken giant posted a video of its world-famous mascot Colonel Sanders in a wrestling video game. Why not use a short clip or recognizable gif from a TV show expressing something humorous or relatable about the role you’re recruiting for? It will make sure your posting catches the attention of more people, ultimately helping you to find prime talent.

Know Your Audience

Depending on where you work, who you work for, or which roles you’re attempting to fill, it’s likely that your hiring targets vary from time to time. Just as different roles have different skills, they should be advertised in different ways. Take Domino’s as an example. They operate all over the world, with many franchises across different countries, so its social media strategies have to reflect this.

On its UK Twitter account, Domino’s has appealed to football fans with a clever and funny video. It knows the U.S. is a different market, so would never post this particular video for that audience. Paying attention to the college schedule, Domino’s posted a tongue-in-cheek finals checklist, on which a pizza was listed alongside study essentials.

Have Fun With It

Subway is an excellent example of a brand with a huge presence that knows how to keep it light online. This video doesn’t direct you anywhere and is a fun swipe at McDonald’s. It carried on the joke too, replying to followers with funny comebacks, as well as helpfully answering their questions.

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