2% Differences, Core Recruiting Skills, and Bad Pictures

Apr 21, 2010
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Here’s what’s going on in the ERE community this week:

  1. The 2% difference
  2. Core skills of an effective corporate recruiter — Part III: Selling skills
  3. What’s wrong with this picture?
  4. How important should salary be to a sales person?
  5. Does your company allow and encourage use of social media In the workplace?
  6. Featured group of the week: Healthcare staffing

1. The 2% difference

Mark Bregman writes about how a 2% drop in management efficiency can actually be quite a bit of lost opportunity saying, “If you run this company for 5 years, and you tolerate 2 “B” players rotating in and out of your management team, it might cut your annual average growth to 7%. Over 5 years time, you give up $7.5 million in revenue. If you have a $200 million company, you gave up $30 million in growth. This could erode equity by an equivalent amount when the company is sold.

What’s your feeling on this? Is getting all A players in an organization realistic or is it worth fighting for?

2. Core skills of an effective corporate recruiter — Part III: selling skills

Louis Kadetsky posts a nice piece on how important selling skills are to corporate recruiters. Louis says, “There is no substitute for sales skills in the corporate recruiting business. If you can’t sell a client not just on a company but on an offer, you’ll lag your peers and your employer will question the value you provide. Sell well, on the other hand, and everything you do will come with an implicit return on investment.

What is your take on selling skills being critical for corporate recruiters?

3. What’s wrong with this picture?

Charles Kapec takes companies to task for bad stock picture usage (and includes some fun examples). He writes, “When developing the visual side of an employment brand, photo choice is very important. You need images that truthfully capture your organization. The best solution? Commission a photographer who can build a bank of professional photos that truly represent your workforce. The next best solution? Choose your RF and stock images wisely, to make sure they avoid the mistakes listed below.

Read on to see some of the mistakes you can avoid in your next advertisement or branding!

4. How important should salary be to a salesperson?

Stephanie Huff asks in the Sales Recruiting group about the importance of a base salary. She writes, “[S]hould a senior level sales person who has been selling for 5 or more years that is earning an income over six figures be concerned if a position they are considering has an extremely low base salary in comparison to what they are currently receiving if the total target income expectation is greater than what they are earning today? What are your thoughts and experience with this? Should and does salary really matter?

What do you think? Is base salary important?

5. Does your company allow and encourage use of social media in the workplace?

Mike Temkin writes about the use of social media in the workplace. He says, “The days of controlling an employee’s internet access is slipping away with the increasing market penetration of smartphones. First and foremost, social media and portable access to internet media is an advantage for every employer wanting to stay connected with employees, prospects and alumni. Furthermore, I firmly believe you cannot control the message; you can only make a contribution to the dialogue.

Check the comments for some interesting feedback!

6. Featured group of the week: Healthcare Staffing

I am featuring some of the groups we are looking to find leadership and increase activity for and our healthcare staffing group is a critical one. Anyone with experience knows that healthcare staffing can be one of the most challenging areas to work in.

Some of the discussions in the past have been around comparing different job board’s effectiveness in the space and agencies that place pharmacists. If you have an interest in any sort of healthcare staffing issues, please join us and contribute!

To see what else you’ve been missing, check out the ERE community.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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