140 Seconds to ‘Manager of Digital Greatness’

Mar 22, 2013

I was on a road trip last week that took me to Tulsa which, it turned out, is a pretty cool city. When my itinerary changed, I needed to make some new hotel reservations. One hotel group kept insisting I had to download an app before I could find out if there was even an available room. Another wasn’t even close to being mobile friendly.

Those two groups got none of my business, small though it was. The one with the easy-to-use, click-and-confirmed, mobile-booking method got all my business.

That little “for example” came to mind when I caught this cool video on the Johnston Search blog. As Brian Johnston, the firm’s owner and blogger, said in posting it, “After you watch it, I can only imagine how you think about how technology (or lack thereof) will affect your recruiting desk.”

Help Wanted In 140 Seconds

Here’s a job title to covet: Manager of Digital Greatness. Pizza Hut is hiring for the position, which is says “will be responsible for guiding the digital team as it strikes up conversations and forms bonds with the Pizza Hut fan base.” Among the skills you must possess is to be a “Master of all things digital marketing, search, and social media.”

PI (Pizza Hut for the non-hip) did in-person recruiting for the job last week at SXSW 2013. Candidates needed a photo I.D., smart phone, and an app. They got 140 seconds (think Twitter) to sell themselves.

Experience Needed? Seriously?

Here’s a job posting that makes you wish you were a fly on the wall when the hiring manager turned in the list of requirements. The posting that made it online said the position required “mental maturity, physical fitness, dedication, obedience and the tenacity to see the mission through.”

Candidates needed to provide a resume detailing  their “age, state of health, the languages they speak, any foreign passport they have and their academic achievements.” And “previous experience.”

The employer? al-Qaeda. And the job? Suicide Bomber.