Monster Launches New Advertising, Sourcing Services

Jul 1, 2014

New Monster logoMonster’s new approach to recruiting goes commercial today with the launch of two new services and a self-service CRM incorporating the search power of its 6 Sense technology with a messaging and advertising capability.

The various pieces have been in testing and beta use for weeks, but were first announced on May 14th when Monster unveiled a sweeping overhaul of the pay to post recruitment advertising model it pioneered two decades ago. That strategy not only includes new tools and approaches to candidate sourcing, but wholly new approach to job posting, adopting the aggregation model of Indeed and SimplyHired.

The aggregation part of Monster’s “Three Pillar Strategy” began months ago, adding hundreds of thousands of jobs to its inventory, that now have more than 1.5 million posts. This morning, Monster launched TalentBin by Monster and Monster Twitter Cards. Its new communications platform called is called Monster Talent CRM.

Monster’s announcement did not include any pricing information, so it’s not known whether the services will be available a la carte or bundled with other services or products.


Of the three, TalentBin is the most directly competitive, going up against such other, similar services as Dice’s Open Web, Entelo and Gild. TalentBin, which Monster acquired in February, assembles profile portfolios on potential candidates fitting recruiter managed requirements.

At the time it was bought, TalentBin searched more than 100 specialty sites including the U.S. Patent Office and Quora gathering data mostly on tech professionals. Just a few months before it had begun to forge into biotech and pharma and was looking at other high demand specialties.

Monster’s lanuch announcement says TalentBin now “provides recruiters access to more than 100 million candidate profiles aggregated from social sources across the Web, in addition to Monster’s own proprietary database of 25 million searchable resumes.” That would suggest Monster  has vastly expanded the occupations for which it can be used.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards allows recruiting advertisers to enhance their 140 character tweets with images and more content. Twitter introduced the enhancements two years ago enabling advertisers to embed additional content right in a tweet.
Monster Twitter Cards, according to the announcement, “may include a media element and information such as employer name, job title, salary, location, job description and hashtags.” Using the service, says Monster, recruiters can “send between two and ten branded job announcements and one summary tweet with a link to all open jobs each business day to followers of their Twitter handle(s).”

Talent CRM

Monster's monsterUsing this new service, recruiters can source candidates, build a group candidates with whom they want to communicate, then create and send a message to the group. The same thing can be done with only one possible or a handful.

To go along with the new strategy and the product launch, Monster has a new logo. It’s a purple flag with the company’s name. No word whether the Trumpasaurus has gone the way of other dinosaurs.

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