1 in 4 Workers Say They Will Leave This Current Employer This Year

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Jan 5, 2024

28% of workers say they don’t see themselves with their current employer within a year. That’s one of the findings from a new survey of 11,000 employees globally. Of course, what people say and what people do are often two different things. (Boston Consulting Group)

A December jobs report preview shows that unemployment is likely to rise and job growth will slow. Additionally, wage growth is likely to slow below 4%. As always, time will tell whether the labor market meets predictions. (Glassdoor)

Navigating salary transparency laws and salary ranges in 2024. With a seemingly endless string of statutes being passed and considered, keeping track of changes impacting pay transparency can be cumbersome. Thankfully, job-post expert Kat Kibben has done so for you. (Three Ears Media)

Most hiring managers say mentorship programs are great at attracting candidates. Such programs also help retention. Yet just how prevalent are such programs? A new survey looks at the state of mentoring at work. (Express Employment Professionals)

Should businesses take a stand on societal issues? Check out this interesting podcast on a continually vexing question. Perhaps the question isn’t a matter of should but how. (Harvard Business Review)

Employers are relaxing return-to-office push — except for new hires. A new report finds that new hires are far more likely to be required to work onsite. (Perceptyx) Likewise, another survey finds a preference among new hires to come to the office. (TalenTrust)

Can workplaces have too much psychological safety? “It is certainly important for people in some jobs to feel safe to speak up, make mistakes, take risks, or ask for help. They include jobs that involve creativity, learning, and exploration. But five studies of workers in a variety of frontline jobs found that more is not always more when it comes to psychological safety,” according to this article. (Harvard Business Review)

The big list of sh*t you can do in HR and TA for 2024! Talent influencer Tim Sackett offers candid advice as you kick off this year. (Tim Sackett)

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