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Essential Sales Skills For Recruiters

presented by and Dinah Matlock

sponsored by Jobvite

Best-selling author Daniel Pink says in his latest book “To sell is human: The surprising truth about motivating others“ that although only 1 in 9 workers make a living by trying to get others to purchase something, we are all in sales. He calls it “non-sales selling”.

Top-performing recruiters know the importance of non-sales selling. Every day, recruiters persuade, convince, and influence candidates, prospects, hiring managers, and/or clients. But are you sure you know the essential skills involved in “non-sales selling”?

Put another way: Are you sure you are developing the “right selling skills” for recruiting success? Which selling skills are most likely to enhance candidate experiences — while creating higher levels of recruiting excellence for you? What is the best way to match a great sales process with your recruiting process? Do you know the biggest mistake that recruiters make when it comes to “non-sales selling”?

We’ve built this session on the key learnings (and successes) that have resulted from over 2,000 hours of direct (one-on-one) recruiter sales skill training — including recording, analyzing and debriefing over 1,000 actual recruiter calls.

At the end of the session, you can expect to know:

  • The three, critical sales skills linked to your recruiting success.
  • The basics of a buying process and how to align your recruiting process with how your prospects and candidates make “buying” decisions.
  • The biggest mistake recruiters make when it comes to selling skills – and how to avoid it!

Whether you are an experienced recruiter or just beginning, this fast-paced, lively and practical webinar will provide you with specific, actionable tools and proven non-sales selling techniques that you can immediately apply at your recruiting desk.