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Vidya Sadawarte

Vidya Sadawarte is a sourcing manager at iPlace USA, responsible for service delivery and management of all of iPlace’s sourcing and sales lead generation clients. She has 11 years' experience in IT training, sourcing, and managing international sourcing teams. iPlace is a global recruiting company with headquarters in Vienna, Virginia, and an international recruiting center in Pune, Maharashtra, India. iPlace offers three services: (1) sourcing; (2) preliminary qualification recruiting (sourcing plus screening interviews); and (3) full lifecycle recruiting. iPlace was founded in 2006, is growing 60 percent per year, and has more than 130 employees.

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Best Practices for Managing Offshore Recruiting Teams

by Apr 11, 2012, 5:16 am ET

The Value of Offshore Recruiting Teams

Corporate recruiting departments and staffing firms have a continual need to lower costs while increasing recruiting productivity — and some recruiting organizations have turned to outsourcing. Outsourcing can take many forms including retaining a U.S.-based recruitment process outsourcing firm, sending job orders to staffing agencies, participating in split-fee recruiter networks, or hiring U.S.-based contract sourcers and/or recruiters.

A less-expensive solution being implemented by progressive U.S. companies is partnering with an offshore recruiting firm. Most offshore recruiting firms have recruiting operations in India. The cost of an offshore sourcer or recruiter is generally about one-third to one-half the cost of a U.S.-based contract sourcer or recruiter. Offshore recruiting firms allow U.S.-based in-house recruiters to offload time-consuming, but important tasks, such as candidate sourcing and screening. With the additional time, in-house recruiters can work on and close more open positions, focus on complex tasks requiring the greatest skills, provide a more positive experience for candidates, and delight hiring managers by presenting higher quality candidates.

You Cannot Outsource Your Problems

Offshore recruiting is not a magic tonic. A dysfunctional recruiting department will not suddenly have success by outsourcing — whether the recruiting functions are outsourced to a U.S.-based or an offshore firm. keep reading…