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Véronique Oonk

Véronique Oonk lives and works in Connecticut as an HR business partner at FE Moran Security Solutions/Nedap in the U.S., and as a International Business Development manager for the Dutch recruitment intelligence company Intelligence Group. Her passion, knowledge, and expertise involve labor market and recruitment research and consultancy. Intelligence Group is a global authority in the field of knowledge of the (international) labor market, recruitment and recruitment marketing. With an independent and data driven view they provide information to both national and international top employers on recruitment marketing, global talent mapping, and international mobility. Among its clients are ADP, Randstad, Philips, Unilever, Heineken, Orche House, Alexander Mann, Nespresso and

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How to Recruit Talent in Europe

by Apr 18, 2014, 5:05 am ET
core job boards

Local champions of Engineer job boards in Europe. Source: Intelligence Group

While Europe still has the rather arrogant attitude thinking the “global workforce” prefers working in Europe, the rest of the world has taken a more realistic point of view. Has Europe become the new hunting ground for talent?

China, Singapore, and Australia already discovered their way to European talent. Recently countries like Brazil, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia also source the most talented Europeans. Due to the euro crisis and high unemployment rates, many — often young and highly educated talent, and among them scientists — leave Europe in search for better career perspectives.

Europe is Losing Talent to the Rest of the World keep reading…

Sea Turtle Recruiting: How to Bring Talent Back Home

by Aug 7, 2013, 6:45 am ET


Sea Turtles — expats who want to return one day to their home country — are a very interesting talent acquisition source abroad. Often this source is overlooked and underestimated when recruiting internationally. Intelligence Group wrote a whitepaper on this subject: why are Expats a relevant talent acquisition source? How can you recruit their unique knowledge and know-how back home?

Sea Turtles as a Solution for Talent Shortages keep reading…