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Sajjad Masud

Sajjad Masud is co-founder & CEO of Simplicant, a cloud-based social recruiting platform transforming talent acquisition and making enterprise-level recruiting technology accessible to companies of all sizes. Connect with him and the Simplicant team on Twitter and Facebook.

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What to Consider Before Jumping on the Pinterest Bandwagon

by Jun 5, 2012, 5:38 am ET

As with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest was not designed with hiring in mind. After all, it’s not your typical recruiting site. So, using a traffic magnet such as Pinterest for this particular function requires some improvisation.

According to Dr. John Sullivan, Pinterest should be a strong contender when implementing new recruitment channels, and rightly so — it’s impossible to ignore the explosive growth over the past few months. Increases in user accounts, unique visitors, and pageviews have made Pinterest the third largest social networking site after Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

However, the challenge lies in attracting the right candidates: the ones that will not only benefit your organization, but also your bottom line. Additionally, while the traffic and usage patterns on Pinterest highlight its great potential for businesses, there are some fundamental differences that must be taken into account as organizations start looking at Pinterest as another important platform to engage with their target audience. keep reading…