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Ryan Boscow

Ryan Boscow is the university recruiting program lead in the Office of Science & Engineering Education at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, managed by Battelle. He manages the on-campus recruiting functions and leads several initiatives on developing undergraduate and graduate intern opportunities, as well as post-graduate opportunities. He holds BBA and MBA degrees from Gonzaga University, and is a current doctoral student in the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University.

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Postdocs as Pipelines

by Aug 25, 2011, 5:12 am ET

University recruiting, like any relationship-management sourcing strategy, often requires a balanced mix of long-term investments coupled with numerous annual campus visits in order to develop a successful brand and become an employer of choice. Many organizations structure those “long-term investments” in annual or capital campaign monetary contributions, often to career centers or related offices, which have welcomed the donations as their own funding challenges have worsened. But while such contributions may have led to a significant ROI in the past, that may not be the same case in the future.

The reason is simple: students now turn more often to faculty members for early-career guidance and advice on which employers to start out with. In a way, this might make university recruiting relationship management easier: just shift the primary focus to the faculty. For the time being, until the economy really rebounds, this would be an effective sourcing model. But when the economy rebounds, nearly a majority of tenured faculty at many top-tier universities will at least be eligible for early retirement, and the new relationships forged in those few years will take time to rebuild with new replacements. keep reading…