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Rick Kennedy

Rick Kennedy is senior human resource business partner for Nemours Children’s Hospital. He currently is leading efforts to recruit 600 new associates for the pediatric hospital, which opens October 2012 in Orlando.

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It Takes a Village … to Interview Candidates for Our New Hospital

by Apr 17, 2012, 5:36 am ET

They say it takes a village to raise a child — a proverb that I have recently learned translates to recruiting physicians, clinicians, and administrative associates for our new hospital. Nemours Children’s Hospital is currently recruiting 600 new associates for its 95-bed facility, which anchors our 60-acre, fully integrated pediatric health care campus. And, we have taken an innovative approach to interviewing potential candidates that gives our most important stakeholders — patients and families — a voice in hiring the best possible health care providers and administrative leaders.

The Idea

As human resources professionals, we are continuously searching for ways to enhance our ability to recruit superior employees for our organizations. Traditional recruitment tactics have focused on pleasing internal stakeholders. We evaluate a candidate’s skills and experience, as well as behavioral qualities to ensure the candidate is both technically qualified and a fit for our organization’s culture. Is the candidate willing to perform services in a way that we think is best for the patient? Sure. But, it’s almost never asked if the candidate is willing to perform services in a way that the customer feels is best for themselves and their child.

Nemours Children’s Hospital tasked the human resources team to challenge the status quo and create a new method for the recruitment and selection process that would forge a direct partnership between our customers and the hospital. keep reading…