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Richard Long

Richard Long led talent acquisition and recruitment at Deloitte New Zealand, a role that saw him set the firm’s strategy in this area along with leading national projects across recruitment and HR. He was responsible for leading the development and implementation of Deloitte NZ’s award-winning Facebook presence and its strategies around social recruiting. Based in New Zealand, Richard he left Deloitte and is working as an independent consultant with an Australian law firm, leading the set-up of their internal recruitment capability. He has an MBA from The University of Auckland and around 10 years of recruitment and HR experience gained across consulting, banking & finance, and professional services.

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Shared Value Recruiting

by Feb 14, 2012, 4:16 am ET

During the six years I led talent acquisition for Deloitte New Zealand, much of our employment brand strategy revolved around humanizing our brand and creating an engaged talent community. We aimed to do this through allowing people to experience our culture and what it was really like to work at Deloitte NZ. We did this through social media initiatives and other means. Our culture and value proposition appealed to some and not to others — this was our aim and I believe it was successful.

So we had this engaged talent community — that’s great, what’s next?

Recruiting Needs to Look Outside of Recruitment keep reading…