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Ravi Subramanian

Ravi Subramanian is a leading subject matter expert in the areas of talent acquisition, talent management and HR operations, focusing on attraction, engagement, retention, and development of talent, outsourcing, and metrics. Subramanian is currently employed with CHC Helicopters, prior to which he has provided recruiting, talent management, HR operations, and outsourced solutions to Kerry Group PLC., Sara Lee Corporation, GE Healthcare, Freddie Mac, Allscripts and eLoyalty, to name a few. He is also the founder and moderator of the Chicago Recruiting Forum and a speaker and frequent contributor at ERE, SHRM, HCI, HRMAC and HRIQ-IQPC. He can be reached at or via phone at 630-605-3466.

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6 Easy Steps to Building a Recruiting Strategy and Successfully Measuring the Outcome

by Feb 11, 2011, 5:21 am ET

We have been hearing about how the shortage of talent in the market has been impacting business and its growth for a quite a few years. Given the current economic climate, it now seems that the opposite is actually true, where a lot of qualified candidates are available in the marketplace and the companies are finding it difficult to source and recruit the right ones.

The key is to come up with a water-tight recruiting strategy and measure its success using the right metrics. This outline will help companies do just that. keep reading…