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Rachele Ferri

Universum's global senior VP of talent strategy and employer branding, Rachele Ferri advises the largest organizations in the world. She works with many of the Fortune 100 companies, helping them to maximize and leverage their strengths as an employer and to lay the foundation for successful development of employer branding strategies. She leads workshops with HR, marketing, and communications executives from the largest organizations in the world, helping them to redefine, strengthen and brand their employer value propositions both globally and locally. As a global expert in employer branding, she has discussed global recruitment trends in various conferences and seminars around the globe (most recently in China, Singapore, UK, Sweden, India, Canada and the United States). She relocated to Singapore in September 2011 to run client strategy for Universum across APAC and to help global organizations with an interest in strengthening/localizing or building their employer brand across the region.

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The Asian Talent Market: Challenges and Opportunities

by May 1, 2012, 9:02 am ET

When it comes to the “war for talent,” Asia is today the hottest region. With national and global organizations in growth mode, the pressure on the talent market has increased tremendously, and many employers are unprepared.

Even the largest multinationals that over the past few years have won over students around the world with their strong employer value propositions and attractive employer brands face a whole new set of challenges when setting their eyes on the Far East.

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