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Paul Houston

Paul Houston is president of the strategy analysis firm Results Management Consultants in Denver and also is a niche third-party recruiter. He is an expert at using the telephone as a tool to conduct complex business and forensic research -- most frequently advising corporate strategy and recruiting functions about unique approaches to improving the ROI of their initiatives. A life-long baseball fan, strategist, manager and player, he is a member of the Colorado Over 50 Baseball Hall of Fame.

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The Taxonomy of Sourcing Types

by Feb 24, 2011, 5:01 am ET

I presented at the SourceCon 2011 event in New York on February 8. It was my first SourceCon event and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet interesting people and “feel the learn” as Shally put it.

I have some observations about sourcing as a result of talking to many people there and watching the presentations of others. My idea was to put on my “management consultant” hat and make some suggestions that I think could advance the body of knowledge as the “sourcing” function attempts to step out and create an independent identity and “community” affinity.

People used terms like “sourcing industry” and “sourcing profession.” However, from what I could see, the term “sourcer” has a different meaning to each individual depending on how they think about the role of sourcing in the overall recruiting process. keep reading…