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Mike Larsen

Before joining InsideTrak as CEO, Mike Larsen spent five years in director-level roles at Monster with responsibilities including strategy, sales, and global accounts management. He holds a BCom from the University of Western Australia and an MBA from the Australian School of Business, where he won the AC Nielsen Prize for Marketing Strategy and also undertook an international exchange to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He was a member of the American Staffing Association’s technology advisory subcommittee in 2011 & 2012.

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Anonymous Employer Reviews — Opportunity or Threat?

by Oct 25, 2012, 5:03 am ET

Exactly three years ago employment-branding expert Dr. John Sullivan published the insightful: “Your Employer Brand is No Longer Owned by Your Firm” and challenged practitioners to recast themselves as influencers, rather than controllers, of employment brands.

No doubt this wisdom extends to brands of all types, but for most people employment is their most frequent “transaction.” Courtesy of new media, brand control is now firmly within the hands of consumers. Current, former, and prospective employees have multiple online means to share opinions and experiences, which combine to form a collective perception about “What it’s really like to work there.” Employer/employee review has been for some time a reciprocal aspect of the recruitment process.

Since Dr. Sullivan’s article, Facebook and Twitter have each cemented their place as the dominant players in the social media and micro-blogging spheres respectively. However it is the rise of websites (in full disclosure, mine is of course one of those sites) providing anonymous and authentic workplace reviews and freely advertised jobs that is the strongest emerging trend.

Pioneered by San Francisco’s Glassdoor in 2008, North America has seen a steady stream of new entrants to this social media space welcomed by active and passive job seekers determined to “look inside,” to research a prospective employer, before making a critical career move.

So does this trend pose an opportunity or a threat to recruiters and employment branding devotees? keep reading…