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Michael Overell

Michael Overell is cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop, a curated marketplace of independent recruiters available on-demand. He is a former McKinsey consultant, having prior experience at PwC and Ernst & Young. Follow him on twitter @mboverell, or on the RecruitLoop Blog.

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Think You Know Social Recruiting? Take a Lesson From the Military

by May 30, 2013, 6:19 am ET

image001 - Royal marinesA recent analysis of who is winning the talent war in social media showed some surprising results. In particular, the strong showing of the military compared to large private sector companies. Who knew the public sector could beat Google at its own game?

We’re used to mocking government departments for their slow uptake of technology and innovation, in everything from administration processes to marketing and communication. In the area of recruitment, however, some military organizations are mopping the floor when it comes to using social media to connect with potential recruits.

So … think you have a handle on social recruiting? Take a lesson from these military organizations. keep reading…

How LinkedIn Is Eating the Recruitment Industry

by Oct 24, 2012, 5:17 am ET

Software is eating the worldMarc Andreesen

Marc Andreesen believes software is eating the world. In a seminal Wall Street Journal article, he argues the next 10 years will see every industry vertical disrupted by software, with incumbents replaced by fast-growing online companies.

Retailing? Amazon. Movie rental? Netflix. Video games? Zynga. Marketing? Google and Groupon. Telco? Skype and Apple. Recruitment?

Andreesen claims LinkedIn is the natural successor. The “fastest growing recruitment company in the world,” poised to eat the $400 billion recruitment industry. But this story is more subtle than the typical “disruptor beats incumbent.”

keep reading…