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Mark Tortorici

Mark Tortorici is a training, recruiting, and sourcing manager who has been providing expert-level training for sourcers and recruiters since 1997. He is also the founder of Transform Talent Acquisition, which specializes in training for high technology computer concepts, advanced active & passive sourcing techniques, and full life-cycle recruitment process. He has created and delivered robust training programs for companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Ebay.

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The Who-What-Where-Why-How of Vying for Talent

Mark Tortorici
Apr 10, 2014, 5:33 am ET

Every few years or so, it happens. Someone declares a “War for Talent,” battle lines are drawn, and then candidate poaching begins. While some of this is a little sensationalist, it’s also very true. Any company who wants to attract the best and brightest, and also the best personality and culture fit, must set themselves apart. Since there are many companies all vying for the same types of candidates, the landscape can get cluttered.

So let’s talk about who, what, where, why and how: keep reading…

Improving Your Quality of Hires — ERE Workshop Preview

Mark Tortorici
May 8, 2012, 8:40 am ET

Every staffing manager is concerned about the candidate quality and quality-of-hire metrics. These are very hard to measure. But if you have sourcers, recruiters, and candidate specialists who know what they’re looking for, and who know how to ask the right questions of the candidate who they’re talking to, then you vastly improve the quality of candidate, which in turn, improves the quality of hire.

If we don’t understand the technical functions of the job, then whole hiring process will be wrong, from start to finish. Here are the four problems that can occur: keep reading…