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Lance Haun

Lance Haun is an editor at The Starr Conspiracy, a marketing agency focused on the enterprise HCM market. He spent three years as an editor at ERE Media and seven years in the recruiting and HR trenches before joining the agency. You can follow him on Twitter, circle him on Google+, check out his blog or contact him directly at

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Source of Hire Report: Referrals, Career Sites, Job Boards Dominate

by Mar 22, 2013, 12:43 am ET

CareerXroads released its annual source of hire report this week and, as usual, the report is full of information about the broader talent acquisition landscape. We’ll get to that in a moment.

The beginning of this year’s report spells out the demise of more simplistic views about source of hire tracking: that data is easy to get, that it is reliable across the board, and that it is clean (one source = one hire). If you’ve been in recruiting for more than a decade, you probably know that things weren’t much better before the Internet drove so much hiring activity. I remember laughably tracking sources of hire via a questionnaire we asked applicants (online and on paper) and trying to create data based on employee’s recollections of how they came to apply for their job 5-10 years ago.

So no data is perfect but this data is very imperfect. Still, it is the best set of data and analysis we have on sources of hire. With that monster-sized disclaimer out of the way, here are some of the results.

Referrals, Career Sites and Job Boards Top List Again

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Announcing the Reimagined Recruiting Innovation Summit

by Feb 22, 2013, 6:15 am ET

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 7.36.23 PMI’m very pleased to announce that we have opened registration for our annual Recruiting Innovation Summit. The summit will be taking place on May 14-15, 2013, in San Francisco.

During the full two-day event, we will be revealing at least 16 game changers — from recruiting startups and in-house recruiting departments to innovative new products and recruiting prognosticators. All of it is designed so that you can take in as much as possible over the entire two days with shorter, bite-sized sessions.

We’re looking for bold, unconventional ideas, too new to be proven, to fill out the agenda from all areas of recruiting. And yes, we’re bringing back the startup competition along with more than a few new things where you will pick the winner. But you can only be a part of it if you’re there.

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Making Your Recruiting Organization Mobile-Ready

by Jan 16, 2013, 8:00 am ET

I lived without my smartphone for a whole week once. It was brutal.

I told that with a straight-face to a friend while my wife sat adjacent to me, violently rolling her eyes. It shouldn’t be news now that smartphone use is big (and is getting bigger). In late 2012, estimates pegged the number at over a billion smartphones with that number doubling by 2015.

If you’re a smartphone user, you’ve probably increased your reliance on the device steadily. I now expect my device to do everything but poach my morning eggs.

When you send an applicant or someone in your talent community or on your mailing list a notice of a new job, what are they going to see when they click through on their mobile device? Will they be able to do anything with it? And if you’re not there, how do you start and what does an optimal solution look like? keep reading…

Describing Yourself on Social Media? Here Are Some Buzzwords to Avoid

by Dec 4, 2012, 9:45 am ET

For a guy like me, the six most terrifying words in the English language are, “Could I get your bio, please?” I hate describing myself and what I do. My LinkedIn profile has been reworked several times trying to do just that before I got it to its current, less fluffy stage.

For professionals in the talent business, your social media profiles — and especially your LinkedIn profile — are probably one of the first encounters potential employees have when they are looking at or researching your company.

Is it full of clichés and buzzwords or does your profile deliver a clear message that won’t sound like every other inane profile out there?

LinkedIn has recently released some data on the most used buzzwords throughout their network. It’s a good template of words to avoid using when describing yourself.

According to the release, the most used words for US-based professionals are: keep reading…

C’mon Man! Facebook Stumbles out of the Gate With Social Jobs Application

by Nov 16, 2012, 9:45 am ET

Forbes said that recruiting will never be the same. I said in July that a Facebook-driven job board has potential. And after several false starts this summer and fall, it finally released it into the wild this week. Now, millions of people are flocking to it to get a job, right?

Paying homage to the folks at Monday Night Countdown, there’s only two words I have for you: “C’mon Man!”

The entire platform is stalled before it even got started. In many ways, it doesn’t function properly at all. There is bad targeting either for the job itself or for the location parameters (or, in some tragic cases, both). When it works, the results are underwhelming. That’s putting it kindly.

If I were Facebook, I would quietly remove the server that hosts the application, toss it into San Francisco Bay and start over, never to speak a word of it again.

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HR Tech Update: Recruiting Vendors Try to Stand Out in the HCM-focused Crowd

by Oct 9, 2012, 2:31 pm ET

I’m here at the HR Technology Conference in sunny but chilly Chicago. One of the best reasons to come to the HR technology show (besides the great people here, the sessions, and parties) is to talk to people and vendors about the new technologies they are working on.

Like many of you, I love to focus on technology as part of my job. But, as I go through the floor here in Chicago, I’ve tried to pull out the recruiting vendors from the rest of the human capital space. As is typical, recruiting is often leading the pack in innovation and new products.

Here’s a brief rundown of the things I’ve seen (and haven’t seen) at the HR Technology show:

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Almost 90% of the Fortune 500 Doesn’t Have a Mobile Optimized Career Site

by Aug 16, 2012, 7:55 am ET

It’s just like 1995 all over again for Ed Newman, the new VP of strategy at iMomentous. It’s a company you probably haven’t heard of but you may have used. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Newman is having a Back to the Future moment because in 1995, 70% of the Fortune 500 didn’t have a corporate website. Now though, 90% of them don’t optimize their career sites for mobile usage.

That’s according to a report that his company recently completed surveying the mobile recruiting landscape of the entire Fortune 500. He sees the same lost opportunity and slow adoption that plagued companies well into the new millennium when it came to overall Internet adoption.

Only now, things are bound to be much more difficult for late adopters.

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A Facebook Jobs Board Would Be Big, But Obstacles Remain

by Jul 10, 2012, 4:20 am ET

You likely heard by now that according to Dow Jones Newswires, Facebook will be launching its own jobs board as soon as August. The effort would be the social network’s first serious exploration of the careers space that many have been predicting for years.

While details about the planned move are sketchy at this point, it is believed that the board would incorporate listings from third-party providers that currently service Facebook-based brand pages.

While this may not be the big, disruptive splash into the employment space that many had hoped for, as one talent acquisition manager told me yesterday, “This is definitely a big deal.”

What Little We Know keep reading…

Even Before a Facebook Jobs Site, 92% Will Use Social Recruiting This Year

by Jul 9, 2012, 9:45 am ET

When you look to recruit this year, you’ll almost certainly be looking at social media as one of your methods for getting the word out.

That’s what the latest numbers from Jobvite’s annual social recruiting survey said for 2012. And while more than 9 in 10 are using social media for recruiting, 73% have made a successful hire using social media.

In the survey, they also asked about what specific networks employers are using, as well as attitudes toward candidate behavior on social networks.

Here’s a hint: don’t worry too much about the political and religious posts but do make sure you’ve practiced up on your grammar.

Network Importance

Not surprisingly, LinkedIn is the No. 1 social recruiting source (with 93% of respondents using it). Of course, the very definition of job posting on LinkedIn’s network might not meet some people’s ideas of what is and isn’t social recruiting.

Facebook continues to grow as a source, with two thirds of those surveyed using it for recruiting purposes (and perhaps more will be if and when the company launches its new jobs section).

Twitter is growing at a similar pace, with more than 50% using the social network for recruiting. keep reading…

LinkedIn Password Update: Member Accounts Secured, Additional Security Measures In Place

by Jun 13, 2012, 12:35 pm ET

Yesterday, LinkedIn clarified its efforts to contain the password breach that occurred last week. In an e-mail to members of the media, it summarized its work to secure its site after a breach that revealed more than 6 million user passwords.

As we reported, there didn’t seem to be any immediate danger to member accounts (and LinkedIn confirmed this). There was some additional concern about how the breach occurred and how it would respond to ensure that a future breach wouldn’t allow passwords to be revealed.

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LinkedIn Reportedly Loses Over 6 Million Passwords

by Jun 6, 2012, 2:04 pm ET

Earlier this morning, The Verge reported that a user in a Russian forum had obtained nearly 6.5 million passwords from the business networking site LinkedIn. The passwords, which didn’t include attached usernames and were encrypted according to the reports, don’t seem to be in immediate danger of being used to compromise accounts. Security experts are nonetheless advising LinkedIn users to change their passwords as soon as possible.

Beyond this individual breach, LinkedIn has a bigger problem to face: how did this information get out into the open and how do they respond in order to calm possible fears of uploading any sensitive information to the company’s site?

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New Site TalentBin Merges Social Media Info Into Sourcing Profiles

by May 16, 2012, 7:45 am ET

TalentBin officially launched from private beta to public yesterday. The service, which bills itself as a talent search engine, announced via press release that it “just turned the entire professional web into the largest talent sourcing database known to mankind with its public launch.”

If you’ll excuse the bravado, what TalentBin is trying to do is actually quite impressive and has leaped forward since I saw the beginnings of its private beta at the HR Technology Conference last October.

What it is trying to do is fairly simple: create a searchable database that merges information about a person from all over the web into a single profile so that recruiters can get all of the information about them in one, digestible place.

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The Recruiting Innovation Summit Streams Live Thursday and Friday

by May 15, 2012, 4:16 pm ET

Recruiting Innovation SummitThis week, recruiting leaders will be gathering at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley for the Recruiting Innovation Summit. If you aren’t going to be one of them, then clear your schedule for the end of this week and participate virtually.

To catch the live stream for free, go to this page Thursday and Friday. The event kicks off at 9 a.m. PDT both Thursday and Friday.

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Report: One of Monster’s Latest Suitors Is LinkedIn

by May 11, 2012, 4:03 pm ET

report in Reuters has indicated that LinkedIn is among a handful of potential companies expressing interest in purchasing all or some of Monster Worldwide. According to sources close to the situation, LinkedIn and Silver Lake Partners are two of “a broad range of strategic and financial buyers” who are weighing Monster as a potential acquisition target.

According to the report, the company plans to send out more detailed financial information by the end of next week to potential buyers.

Monster Worldwide shares are up over 15% in late-day trading in reaction to the report.

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Six Companies to Compete in Recruiting Innovation Summit Startup Competition Next Month

by Apr 24, 2012, 4:13 pm ET

Recruiting Innovation SummitAt next month’s Recruiting Innovation Summit, the newly introduced startup competition will feature six companies who are on the cutting edge of recruiting technology. All will be in line for the $10,000 grand prize and, maybe more importantly, a chance to network with recruiting pros and show what they’ve been working on in a demo format. If you are interested in the next generation of recruiting technology, you’ll want to make your way to the Computer History Museum on May 17 and 18 in Mountain View, California, to see what these six companies are doing.

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We’re Moving Away From Our Own Discussion Groups and Blogs, and Here’s Why

by Apr 11, 2012, 10:57 am ET began as a place for discussion about recruiting, and our roots as a place for conversation run deep. Over the years we’ve grown and evolved, and those conversations have evolved as well. They have migrated away from our blogs and discussion groups, and found a new home in the comments on the articles on the main site (like this one with 220 comments), the new ideas that we share in articles, and in the free-wheeling conversations that continue in our LinkedIn group.

Our history makes this a tough decision, but we have decided to shut down the blogs and discussion groups on, effective April 30. This will allow our team to streamline the site, and concentrate on what you have told us is most important to you here at ERE: delivering great original content and putting on world-class events for recruiters.

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Recruiting Innovation Summit to Host Recruiting Startup Competition

by Mar 8, 2012, 12:15 pm ET

Recruiting Innovation SummitERE’s Recruiting Innovation Summit is hosting a first-of-its-kind $10,000 startup competition for new recruiting products and technology at our May 17-18 event being held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. For those companies interested in applying to be considered, you can read more about it and apply on the contest portion of the RIS website. All entries are due by March 31.

It’s just one of the additions we’ve made to the program to focus more broadly on where innovation occurs in recruiting.

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10 Head-scratching Job Titles

by Nov 17, 2011, 5:05 am ET

Director of Fun.

That was the title I was looking at on a resume for a marketing director position. As I read through the applicant’s accomplishments and responsibilities, I could see that it was clearly a marketing-type position. It stuck out, just not in a good way.

What may have seemed like a great little thing to have on a business card as an attention-getter had now turned into a liability. Nobody knows what a “Director of Fun” does. And sure, maybe “Marketing Director” isn’t all that specific on its own, but give me some context (industry, company size, and market) and I can pretty quickly figure out what you’re doing.

Using these fun titles externally is a mistake.

What’s in a Title?

Now listen, I’m not a super stickler for titles. I know it’s what you actually do that’s the real important point.

If you’re an HR manager but you’re doing HR assistant work, I’m going to treat you as such (and vice verse as well). And we know title inflation is a big part of the hiring process and it can help make business transactions flow easier. Go into large banks and insurance brokerages, some with hundreds of branches and I’ll bet you find a VP or SVP in the building.

Wacky job titles simply confuse most real people.

So yes, titles can be B.S., but I think most people know that. If you walk into a brokerage and find most people are managers and directors and the top guy is a SVP, you still contextually know people’s roles and who is in charge. It might be a shift in thinking, but you aren’t reinventing the wheel.

Now “Director of Fun”? Or “Corporate Magician”?

Fun titles Not So Fun in the Real World

Some organizations think funky job titles are a great way of expressing a company’s culture or to stand out from the crowd. sent over some of the most interesting examples of this. Here are my top 10 head-scratching titles Moo listed, in no particular order:  keep reading…

ERE Meetups Happening April 19th

by Apr 5, 2011, 1:57 pm ET

Mark your calendars! If you missed your opportunity to attend our last meetup, you’ll get another opportunity to meet with your peers this month at a location near you.

What we’ve seen from the ERE community has been great so far: Over 1,500 participants in more than 200 locations worldwide have participated in local networking events making it one of the largest meetup groups on You can see some of the pictures on our Facebook fan page from the last events.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the next ERE Meetup on Tuesday April 19th, 2011. As was the case in the last one, we need your help organizing them in your local area. Here is how you can help us:

  • Visit the ERE Recruiter Meetup page and sign up for a Meetup near you. If you don’t see one in your area, start one up!
  • If you know a great location (bar, restaurant, office) where your group can meet, add it to the Meetup.
  • Help us get the word out! We don’t need a huge group in each city to get together, have a good time, and make great connections. It can be as few as half a dozen, but the more the merrier, so tell all the recruiters in your area about the Meetup!

We hope you can join us again!

Holiday Temp Staffing and the Seismic Shift in the Workplace

by Nov 26, 2010, 5:49 am ET

If you’re out shopping today, there’s a good chance that the person helping you purchase your items or finding that deeply discounted item for you had a different, permanent job last year.

Even if you avoid all forms of in-person commerce in between Thanksgiving and New Years, like me, it is likely that the person fulfilling your order at an online retailer is in the same boat. keep reading…