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Justin Miller

Justin is currently the marketing manager for Motion Recruitment Partners. Feel free to follow him on Twitter and join the conversation @TweetsByJmiller (thoughts do not reflect those of his company).

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The Structure of Your Job Ad Plays a Bigger Role Than You Think

by Feb 6, 2013, 6:00 pm ET

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 2.58.08 PMAs a marketing person for a somewhat large (200 recruiters nationally) staffing firm, one of my biggest difficulties has always been ensuring consistency across the board. When it comes to things like brand standards, policies, messaging, etc., it can be difficult to police all of it so that the company image looks unified on a national front.

Thanks to my terrific marketing team across the country we have been able to manage all of this relatively easily, but the one thing that seemed to always escape our grasp was quality control of our job ads.

Up until this year, we never really had a policy on ad format. It was simply up to the recruiter to write and post their ads. Our guys didn’t necessarily write poor ads, they simply lacked a level of formatting consistency across the brand.

We spent the first few weeks of January doing a complete overhaul of our ads, explaining the importance of SEO, working out an ad template, and removing any usage of superlatives in job titles.

We saw immediate results. keep reading…

5 Things My Vacation Can Teach You About the Candidate Experience

by Jan 11, 2013, 5:24 am ET

cruiseI recently took a cruise on Royal Caribbean with my girlfriend. It got me thinking about the services we provide as HR and agency recruiters. Some of these may not be a total surprise to you, but realize just how effective these five points can be if you truly invest time and energy into accomplishing them. keep reading…

4 Simple But Important Things About Your Online Reputation

by Nov 21, 2012, 5:35 am ET

In the modern age of recruiting, reputation is everything. Before (pre-modern Internet age), recruiters would make their money on referrals or word of mouth with maybe a newspaper ad thrown in the mix for good measure. But it seems that in the age of the Google, job boards, and social networks, your name might not carry the same weight it used to, right?

Yes, and no.

Job boards are still a big source of the job search for most professionals, and oftentimes job postings are anonymous with regard to companies. For most job seekers, it’s an opportunity to fire through job applications in one sitting hoping that something sticks and they get a reply from a hiring company.

Gone are the days where it seemed that all you had to do to attract candidates was turning the phones on in the morning. Now recruiting has shifted to where competition is so crowded that you not only have to go to the job seeker, but convince them your opportunity is unique  — not an easy task. So how do you separate yourself from your competition?

Online reputation.

Here are four simple but important things to be aware of regarding your reputation online: keep reading…

The Death of Superlatives in Job Ads

by Jul 31, 2012, 5:04 am ET

Recruitment agencies oftentimes fall into a trap when it comes to posting job ads. I get the sense they feel they have to sell people on the opportunity or the company through the ad’s title in order to get them to click through and read the job description. Think of when you were looking for jobs on Craigslist or Indeed and you saw titles like “In Need of a Marketing Guru” or “Looking for .Net Ninjas.”

Although at first glance I get what they’re going for, it’s an attempt to set their ad apart from the rest, and for that I can appreciate the effort. However, what I don’t think recruiters realize is the back-end implications they are opening themselves up to that can seriously handicap them in getting the perfect candidate. keep reading…

It’s Not LinkedIn Who’d Be Burnt By a Facebook Job Board

by Jul 27, 2012, 5:23 am ET

Earlier this month, Mashable posted an article reporting the potential launch of an official job board on Facebook. I say “official” because there are already numerous third-party applications in the career space (Branchout, BeKnown) that act as layers over your Facebook profile, but nothing that has been produced by Facebook just yet.

Now that we are fairly confident a Facebook job board is on its way, the question is: Why now, and whom will it affect?

Why Now keep reading…