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Jakub Zavrel

Jakub Zavrel is founder and CEO of Textkernel, a semantic recruitment technology company based in Amsterdam. With an R&D background in natural language processing, big data, machine learning, and semantic search, he and his team work on building technology for the future of global recruiting. For multi-lingual signal and noise in the latest semantic technologies, you can follow him on twitter @jakubzavrel.

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Are Job Boards Still Relevant for the Future of Recruiting?

by May 14, 2013, 6:45 am ET

Everyone seems to agree that generalist large scale job boards are in trouble, and others are profiting. The decline of the Monster share price to below five dollars, parallel to the success story of LinkedIn stock, and the recent valuation of nicely illustrates these shifting dynamics. Generalist job board revenue per posting is declining, and they are facing tough competition from smaller niche job boards, job aggregators, and social networks. Will job boards remain relevant in recruitment?

The main question is not whether job boards are relevant, but whether their search results are relevant for their users. Do job seekers find the job they want, and do employers find the candidates they need? It is a simple equation of attention and relevance, and currently the competition happens to play a better card on both aspects.

The typical job board offers this primary search interface to job seekers:


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