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Herb Greenberg

Herb Greenberg, Ph.D. is the founder & CEO of Caliper, an international management consulting firm, which for over a half-century has assessed the potential of more than three million individuals for over 25,000 companies around the world. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, Caliper has offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan. A recognized authority on the relationship between personality and job performance, Dr. Greenberg developed the Caliper Profile, a proprietary personality assessment, which identifies the potential, motivations, and strengths of applicants and employees. Through the insights derived from these assessments, Caliper’s consultants are able to match individuals to appropriate positions, coach for improved performance and develop effective teams. Dr. Greenberg has spoken at scores of national conferences on subjects ranging from Hiring the Best People to Developing a Winning Team to How Professional Sports Teams Draft Outstanding Players. He has also written extensively on human resource issues -- including articles in the Harvard Business Review, and he co-authored The New York Times Best Seller, “Succeed on Your Own Terms," as well as “How To Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer," both published by McGraw-Hill. For more than five years, he co-hosted the nationally-syndicated radio program Winning in Business, which featured such guests as Dunkin’ Donuts founder Bill Rosenberg, business guru Marshall Goldsmith and Newsweek columnist Daniel Gross. Dr. Greenberg received his bachelor's and master's degrees in Psychology from City College of New York, was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and received his Ph.D. with highest honors in Human Relations and Psychology from New York University.

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What Leaders Can Learn From the Newest Mr. 3,000

by Aug 4, 2011, 5:21 am ET

There couldn’t have been a more perfect scenario for Derek Jeter on Saturday, July 9, against the Tampa Bay Rays. In the third inning on a full count, Jeter got his 3,000th hit on a 78 mile per hour slider, knocking the ball out of the park. But he wasn’t done yet. Jeter finished the game for the Yankees 5 for 5 with a game-winning hit.

I was on the edge of my seat on hit 2,999. I’ve witnessed lots of broken records and new milestones in sports throughout my life, but this one was special. Jeter has something more than just sheer athletic ability.

True star athletes have more than just physical talent. They possess the confidence and inner fire that pushes them to overachieve on the playing field or on the court. These leaders also have the ability to motivate and collaborate to drive their teams forward and win.

In fact, over the past five decades I’ve found that sports and business align in many ways. With Jeter’s recent accomplishment, it’s easy to see how a top-performing athlete and his team can be role models for others aspiring to that same level of greatness. Throughout Jeter’s career — his massive wins and some shortcomings — there are countless lessons that directly apply to the boardroom. keep reading…