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Heather Yurko

Heather Yurko (speaker at ERE's annual conference in Florida, Sept. 7-9) holds an M.A. in organizational development from Columbia University-Teachers College, and has been building people, process, and organizations for almost 20 years. She has gathered experience in program management, training design, sales, marketing, communications, manufacturing, and more along the way, and has built two startup companies, in addition to working in large, global enterprises. She is currently the Lead of Organizational Research + Development for the Staffing Innovation Organization at Cisco.

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Climbing the Lattice

by Apr 27, 2011, 6:14 am ET

With some companies focusing more on internal hiring and beginning to look at new models of working, I’ve heard more comments and questions about “career development” and what that may mean for any given individual in today’s environment. Working in an evolving and ever-changing industry, in a fluid, global environment, how can your candidates get from here to there? How should they know when to make a move and what that move should be? Where is “there”?

Gertrude Stein is noted as saying “There is no there there,” and I am a firm believer in this philosophy. Although many people have succeeded and gone far in their careers using the traditional “ladder” method (simply moving up within their job family), I’d like to suggest that there is another way that can take your candidates way beyond “there”: the lattice. keep reading…