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Heather Kinzie, SPHR, GPHR

With expertise in recruitment and selection, training and development, job analysis and design, labor and employee relations, and investigations/risk assessment, Heather Kinzie, SPHR, GPHR, provides business leaders, HR professionals and management staff practical, relevant, and valuable HR consultation. Heather offers a variety of engaging facilitation services to include workforce planning, strategic planning, team-building, and process analysis and redesign. Her training courses include topics to enhance Leadership, Supervision, Communications, Productivity, Customer Service, and Cultural Awareness and Diversity. Website LinkedIn Twitter: @leadingsolution

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The 6 Parts of Recruiting for Culture

by Apr 13, 2012, 5:16 am ET

I met with a client today who made me smile — a Cheshire-Cat-Eating-Grin Smile, as a matter of fact.

He said, “Heather, I need to invest in the screening phase to figure out if these candidates are a good fit for our culture and our clients. That way, I don’t have to give up resources when I fire them later.”


After I wiped the grin off my face, I told him I was proud of him and glad to hear it. (I refrained from reminding him I’ve been preachin’ that for years.)

Pay now or pay later … either way you’ll pay. 

If you are a recruiter, HR professional, supervisor, or leader who wants to fill the seat, there is no need to read more of this post. Good luck to you.

However, if you want to fit someone with your organization and have him stick, read on. keep reading…

Finding the Good Nut

by Jan 10, 2012, 2:10 pm ET

I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this weekend with my kids — I love that movie and not just because I have a crush on Johnny Depp! It is a fun movie — just lighthearted enough to keep the kids interested with just enough “life lessons” to allow my kids to watch it over and over again.

One of the parts I love about this movie is the scene where the squirrels can identify a good nut from a bad one. I was struck by how nice it would be if we, as HR professionals, could simply knock someone on the head and, depending on what we hear, know whether they were a good fit or not.

But alas, we don’t have that luxury; we have to ascertain whether a candidate is a good fit based on the information we have at the time. And, as most decisions go, the result is only as good as the data leading up to it.

Herein lies the foundation for the upcoming pre-conference workshop for the ERE Expo in San Diego. Recruiting Beyond the Job Description is a pre-conference workshop designed to help you take the data you have about a job, combined with the commitment you have as professionals, and build a recruitment and selection process that greatly increases the chances for a good organization and job fit. keep reading…