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Erin Palmer

Erin Palmer is a writer and editor for The University Alliance. She writes about hr certification and other human resource development topics. She can be reached on Twitter @Erin_E_Palmer. For more information go to

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What Recruiters Can Learn From the TV Industry

by Sep 26, 2012, 5:40 am ET

image from the UCLA Film & Television Archive As the new fall television shows are starting to air, viewers across the U.S. are deciding which shows they want to check out. This sort of judgment process is nothing new to recruiters. In fact, the recruiting process is much like getting a new TV show on the air. Television is broken down into three primary areas: the pitch, the pilot shoot, and the acquisition of viewers, all of which contain valuable lessons that recruiters can learn from.

The Pitch

Writers get at most 10 minutes to convince a network executive that their ideas are worth pursuing. A good pitch is a lot like a good job description: dynamic but concise; intriguing but clear; persuasive but direct. Here’s how to pitch a position: keep reading…