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Elaine Orler

Elaine Orler is president and founder of the Talent Function Group and chairman of The Talent Board, founding organization of the Candidate Experience Awards. Involved in developing and implementing HR solutions since 1993, she has worked with countless clients on dozens of global talent acquisition and management implementations to help them embrace new technologies aimed at improving internal processes and the candidate experience, a topic on which she’s regularly quoted in The Wall Street Journal. Contact her at

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Positive Candidate Experience Is a Competitive Advantage

by May 22, 2013, 6:29 am ET

CandE-Maze-ART5-copy-copy.v2There have been several recent articles on the importance and, in some cases the lack of attention on, the candidate experience. One article goes so far as to call out the Candidate Experience Award winners and question why they are silent on the topic.

As the chairman of Talent Board, the nonprofit organization that delivers the Candidate Experience Awards each year, there is plenty I can say about the power of a positive candidate experience, and the amazing value and efforts that many employers, including some of the most well-known employment brands, are implementing to gain a competitive advantage and treat candidates with the respect they deserve.

Employers care, and they should. keep reading…

Definition by Elimination: Deconstructing the Candidate Experience

by Jul 14, 2011, 5:26 am ET

Last year, I took in a presentation led by the head of talent acquisition at one of America’s largest spirits and wine companies. In the presentation, we were guided through the speaker’s experiences transforming the company’s global recruiting organization to place greater emphasis on improving the candidate experience.

He traveled around the world, visiting different offices and meeting with their recruiting staff at each location. As the head of talent acquisition, during each visit, he’d meet with recruiters in the lobby and ask, “What would we have to do during the interview day that would guarantee candidates would never return our phone calls?”

After posing such a question, he was often met with bewilderment, blank stares, and furrowed brows. Not surprisingly, ‘Is this guy serious?’ was written on most of the faces he confronted.

As it turns out, he was serious, and his question made perfect sense. You see, often in life it is easier to state what you don’t want, rather than what you do. It’s definition by elimination, and more often than not, it just comes easier. His approach was shrewd and guided the company’s recruiters to a complete deconstruction of what could go wrong from start of the interview process to its end. The list flowed: keep reading…