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Doug Berg

Doug Berg is Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Minneapolis-based Jobs2Web Inc. and is an expert in online recruiting strategies. Doug has worked with hundreds of companies to leverage the Internet for recruiting on the web. Prior to Jobs2Web, he founded, which was a leading technology career site which had nearly one million IT professional members nationally, and won PC Week's No. 1 career website in 1999. He was also founder and CEO of Quantum Consulting & Placement, a Minneapolis-based IT consulting and placement services company.

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The Web 2.0 Job Seeker: Faster, Smarter, and More Connected

by Oct 1, 2008, 5:59 am ET

This year in the recruiting industry there has been a lot of talk about how companies are tapping into Web 2.0 technologies to enhance their recruiting. But how is the candidate community also using these technologies for their own purposes, and what impact is it having on our recruiting strategies?

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100 Million Job-Related Searches on Google in June!

by Jul 11, 2008, 1:58 pm ET

For months (and years) I’ve wondered what the number of monthly searches was for job-related keywords on Google. I always knew it was a big number, but I was shocked to see it was over 100 million searches just in June — with June being the “dog days” of recruiting and job searching. The average month is more around 124 million searches.

Historically, the search engines haven’t shared numbers on how many specific keyword searches there were for targeted keywords, but recently Google has changed its external keyword research tool to show us the search numbers for the previous month and the average number of searches for exact keywords. This helps to shed light on exactly how much job- and career-related search activity is happening monthly on Google.

Anyone can access this free tool at Google by typing in this URL to view how many people are searching for jobs in your locations and/or hiring need areas:

Some interesting facts, which you can validate using the tool above:

• Sales jobs – 2.2 million searches
• Customer services jobs – 1 million searches
• Administrative jobs – 823,000 searches
• Accounting jobs – 673,000 searches
• Human Resource jobs – 673,000 searches
• Nursing jobs – 673,000 searches
• Finance jobs – 368,000 searches
• Legal jobs – 301,000 searches

• Georgia jobs – 2.7 million searches
• Illinois jobs – 2.2 million searches
• Arizona jobs – 1.5 million searches
• Massachusetts jobs – 1.5 million searches
• Michigan jobs – 1.5 million searches
• New Jersey jobs – 1.5 million
• Jobs In Chicago – 823,000 searches
• Dallas Jobs – 673,000 searches
• San Diego jobs – 550,000

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Wouldn’t You Love a Job as a P2 Fld Comp Sup?

by Jul 13, 2007

Quick, look at the following real job titles found on company websites and tell me what they mean: