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Diane Spiegel

Diane Spiegel is CEO of The End Result, a leading corporate training and development firm, and creator of the Sage Leadership Tools, which help managers work more effectively with millennials.

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7 Questions You Wouldn’t Expect During a Millennial Interview

Diane Spiegel
May 18, 2010, 12:27 pm ET

The task of recruiting millennials/Gen-Yers continues to be an exercise in expecting the unexpected. Because this demographic views the worker-supervisor relationship differently than previous generations and has a unique sense of transparency, recruiting millennials/Gen-Yers continues to challenge both recruiters and hiring managers.

In search of the job that suits their lifestyle, they are asking questions that would have seemed out of bounds by traditional standards. In fielding these questions, recruiters and hiring managers should understand the thinking behind the reasoning — and then ultimately determine if there is a correct fit.

The following seven questions are from actual interviews. The responses are intended to provide some context to recruiters and hiring managers, so they can understand why those questions were asked and to ultimately make a sound evaluation of a candidate’s potential. keep reading…