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Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg is chief marketing officer at Simply Hired, where he helps bring job seekers together with their future employers in matrimonial bliss. Before joining the Simply Hired team, he served as CMO at TrialPay and Tumbleweed Communications, as well as CEO at Kinfo. he has also served as VP Marketing at ACNielsen, Macrovision, and Active Decisions, a venture-backed company he founded. He received his B.A. in Economics at Oberlin College, and his MBA with honors in Marketing and International Business at the University of Chicago.

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3 Tips for Hiring Great People

by May 2, 2011, 7:23 pm ET

Finding someone to just fill a seat at your company isn’t hard. But finding great people—the ones who fit with your culture, who share your vision, who can make immediate and lasting contributions—can be very difficult. This is true for small and large companies, as the right people can transform any organization.

Here are three ways you can better source and hire truly great people for your company.

Make Time to Hire

One thing all companies have in common is a lack of time. As painful as it may be, the most important factor in hiring great people is devoting time to the process. Schedule it in your day just like you would a client meeting or a business transaction. For example: the first week after posting a job ad, take 30 minutes each morning to download and compile resumes and cover letters; at the end of each day, review them and put aside potential interviewees for follow-up. Then, at the end of the week, review your selections and short-list a group of candidates to phone screen. keep reading…