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Dan Kaplan

Dan Kaplan leads CTPartners’ global human resources practice and advises boards and CEOs on accessing and acquiring world-class leaders. His industry experience and knowledge of talent management issues are sought regularly by market influencers. He was named to BusinessWeek’s list of the World’s 50 Most Influential Headhunters in 2008.

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The Changing Role of the Recruiter

by May 17, 2011, 11:41 am ET

It’s no surprise: the role of executive recruiters has changed, and so has corporate America. The critical focus of a CEO is the health and long-term growth of his/her company and to identify, recruit, and secure the top three percent of employees.

The top three percent? The top three is a small core team that is absolutely essential to set the stage for the next 10 years of a company. The remaining 97 percent? Increasingly becoming a commodity. Recruiters must develop a process to find the “best of the best” who can focus on short-term quarterly goals and drive the company on a daily basis. The key to identifying this ever-changing, fluid group of individuals is to use both global and local social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) effectively. Recruiters will need to use these tools to identify, track, and be ready to reach out and entice individuals to join their company.

With these changes, the question remains: how can recruiters stay on top of their game? I have the inside track of the CEO perspective and his/her needs from its corporate recruiters. I see three reccurring trends: keep reading…