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Dan Finnigan

Dan Finnigan is the CEO of social recruiting software provider Jobvite.

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Recruiting Is Marketing – 4 Lessons Your HR Team Can Learn From the Marketing Department

by Dec 3, 2013, 6:09 am ET

Today’s companies find themselves in one of the most challenging times to build sustainable and strong organizations. Between automation and software, it’s never been easier to start a company. But it’s the employees that ultimately make the company, and true talent in today’s marketplace is scarce and fickle. Finding and keeping those employees has become a company priority, which has demanded a shift in how recruiters approach their jobs.

It used to be that changing jobs was a momentous decision that only occurred every 5-10 years, like buying a home or a new car. These days, it’s common practice for professionals to shop for jobs on a continuous basis. There is an ongoing battle for talent and it has become a much more competitive environment for jobs across all industries.

Much like marketers have to market constantly, recruiters must now recruit constantly. For years, sales and marketing professionals have successfully used “the funnel” as a means of finding, engaging, and closing prospects. I’ve found that the most successful recruiters use many of the same tactics as they source, vet, and ultimately hire candidates. There are some general best practices I believe recruiters must adopt and use to ensure your company attains top talent.

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Job Dating, Not Marriage: The Changing Tenure of the Workforce

by Apr 26, 2012, 8:34 am ET

Careers today aren’t what they used to be. After serving in the Army and attending college, my father started his career in the early 1960s as a high school English teacher and head coach of the football team. After a few years he decided he needed to make more money, moving his young family to Florida to join Pan American Airlines as a college campus recruiter. His third — and last — job started two years later with a move to Xerox. After 34 years as an HR executive he retired from Xerox in 1999, concluding a four-job, 40-year career. And it’s a work history you likely won’t see ever again.

My father’s “Mad Men” generation did in fact average four jobs/employers in their career. But if you are in your twenties working today, you can expect to hold 10 jobs before you retire. If you also work in California in the tech sector, you can expect to hold 14. One reason is this: keep reading…