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Chuck Hutsell

Chuck Hutsell is a member of the management team at Southwestern Business Resources, Inc. The firm launched in 1982 and since then has provided high caliber talent to a select client list ranging from Fortune 500 to Fortune 100 companies as well as serving the emerging small and medium businesses both nationally and internationally. Visit them at He leads a team at SBR specializing in the attraction, recruitment, and placement of "A talent" IT professionals in various markets throught the United States. His entire career has been focused within the IT industry. He combines previous technical experience with 10 years of recruiting experience to offer the unique value proposition of an IT professional performing IT recruiting. Contact Chuck at 615-391-2714 or

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No Fences!

by Mar 28, 2012, 5:54 am ET

“I used to work that side of the fence.”

I get that comment at least three or four times a day when I am making my business development calls. It is consistently one of the things someone in the corporate recruiting or talent acquisition group seems compelled to say. Why? What does it mean, really?

Perhaps they are trying to “identify” with my world. You know, let me know that “they’ve been there.” The positive side of this comment (and there often is a positive side!) is that the individual will go on to let me know that they truly appreciate the level of effort required to be successful as a professional recruiter. In this regard, the comment is and should be taken as one of respect for the value we had in the overall recruiting (or talent acquisition) equation.

And then there is the negative side to this comment. keep reading…