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Christine Goodwin

Christi Goodwin is currently a lead staffing manager in university relations with AT&T and has been PHR certified since 2006. Recruiting since 1997, her experience includes new graduate nurse recruitment, staffing agency sales, and sourcing and selection for college hire programs. Follow her on Twitter at

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Recruiting the 73%: Nontraditional Students Must be Part of Your Plan

by Jun 13, 2012, 5:37 am ET

About 40% of University of Wyoming students are non-traditional

Recent statistics say as many as two thirds of current college students are considered nontraditional students. Yet, most career development and rotational programs are tailored for the traditional student, and even screen out nontraditionals.

Who They Are

The National Center for Education Statistics loosely defines “non-traditional” students as meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Delays enrollment; does not enter postsecondary education in the same calendar year that he or she finished high school.
  • Attends part time for at least part of the year.
  • Works 35 hours or more per week while enrolled.
  • Is considered financially independent for purposes of determining eligibility for financial aid.
  • Have dependents other than a spouse (usually children).
  • Is a single parent.
  • Completed secondary education with a GED or other high school completion certificate or did not finish high school.

Statistics from that same agency claim that 73% of all college students meet one or more of these criteria, which means most campus recruitment efforts only target the remaining 27%.

Nontraditionals offer employers many benefits: keep reading…