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Chris Simone

Christopher Simone is a recognized sales leader and Vice President of Treeline, a sales-focused, award winning, executive search firm that has helped thousands of salespeople and hiring managers reach new altitudes. Treeline has recently added the DADOMATCH sales hiring technology and service to its sales-focused RPO portfolio. Find him at or

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5 Tips to Building an Inside Sales Force

by May 9, 2013, 6:37 am ET

Big Sale sign in red over white backgroundYears ago sales professionals started their careers at companies that required them to pound the pavement and knock on doors. Those who had the fortitude and competitive entrepreneurial attitude worked hard to convince corporations to give them a chance to prove their worth. Many failed and decided that sales was not the right career for them. The few that survived found great success and continued to accelerate their career to climb above the tree line. These top performers had the work ethic, tenacity, and resiliency to survive and are now the present vice presidents of sales at many well known and rapidly growing companies. These executives have transitioned away from the traditional sales approach that launched their careers and have moved to a more innovative inside sales model.

Many of our clients have been early adopters of sales 2.0 methodologies and they have found that sales has shifted. Today’s customers are more educated, more connected, and looking for a vendor to partner with. They are bombarded with information and as a result are harder to connect with. To adapt, companies are building more efficient inside sales organizations that have the capabilities to find and connect with buyers. They use, marketing automation, and are all social in nature. These companies have a need for both inside and enterprise talent but have recognized that in order to drive activity and build pipelines they must have a strong inside sales plan in place. If you are building an inside sales force, here are five tips to consider. keep reading…

Help Me, Help You! Sales Compensation Plans — 5 Steps

by Nov 13, 2012, 5:39 am ET

Those of you who recruit for sales hiring managers know how challenging it can be to get a candidate excited about an uncompetitive or uninspiring compensation plan. On the flip side, you have probably found some great sales candidates on the market as the result of inadequate compensation plans.

Sales managers often recognize this obstacle and turn to their trusted recruiters for help, especially this time of year when compensation plans are revised for the following year. In some cases good effort and intentions fail to produce the desired outcomes. Fortunately we can help achieve solid placements.

Here are “five steps to a more effective sales compensation plan”: keep reading…