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Cassie Roe

A workshop leader at the March 2012 ERE Expo, Cassie Roe (previously Cassandra Denny) is a graduate of the University of Washington where she studied psychology. She has been recruiting since 2004, hiring for companies like Concur Technologies, Cobalt, Vertafore, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Her recruiting has encompassed a wide variety of positions especially in software, hardware, and IT. She is a recruiting manager, author, and speaker on the topic of recruiting optimization, time management, and sourcing. In her current role at A Place for Mom, she is responsible for corporate recruiting, mentoring, and training others, putting in place recruitment strategy and processes, as well as integrating passive sourcing with social media and attraction plans. She is extremely passionate about using technology (applicant tracking systems, social networks, and marketing campaigns) for talent identification. Her goal is to help others instill a corporate recruiting culture at their current companies and also create leadership interest around sourcing and passive recruiting.

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Keeping Your Enemies Close …Turning Agencies Into Allies

by Jan 30, 2014, 2:24 am ET

As a long-time corporate recruiter, I have developed a very bad habit of being animalistic in marking my territory, meaning that for me … I hate to turn over reqs to agencies. It can sometimes feel like defeat, failure, and lack of control to admit that you need to look towards the outside help of a recruiting agency.

Having worked both at an agency and now internally for the last eight years, I can tell you that there seems to be some industry bad blood between the two parties. It took me several years of beating my head working on niche reqs that I didn’t have the network or expertise in before I really learned the true value of partnering with agencies. When partnered in the right way you can turn what may have been an agency enemy into a very impactful recruiting ally for your business.

Here are some ways that I have learned to stop peeing on positions and loosen up the reins. keep reading…

Managing 5 Kinds of Hiring Managers

by Nov 22, 2011, 5:15 am ET

No matter who you’re meeting with, make a good impression. But hiring managers even more so. You will potentially be partnering with these individuals during your entire stay at the company you are with, and potentially beyond.

During my first corporate recruiting position I felt that my role was as a “service provider” to my managers, so when they said jump, I did. Looking back on that now I realize how many opportunities I missed to set myself up as an expert in my profession of recruiting because I lacked the confidence to command a meeting and initiate a true partnership during the beginning of that relationship.

During my time as a recruiter I have run across several different types of managers and most can be intimidating. Below are some of the most common personality types that I’ve run across and ways that you can forge strong relationships with them despite some of their traits. keep reading…

Rookie Mistakes That Even Tenured Managers Make — and How to Avoid Them!

by Aug 31, 2011, 5:40 am ET

by Mykl RoventineI had my first shot at management last year, and like every newly promoted doe-eyed employee I was on a quest to be the best manager ever! However, I had no management experience and no playbook as to how I was going to go about winning over my team. I went through my mental rolodex of previous bosses to draw inspiration; after all, the one benefit to the amount of job-hopping that I have had is that I have met quite a few characters along the way. I have had some great mentors in the past, and inevitably, some not-so-great ones. One mentor comes to mind who I have now followed to three different roles and honestly would follow her just about anywhere. She believes in me enough to do anything to help me be successful (Best Boss Ever — yes I still feel the need to brown-nose her).

But as I examined some of my other supervisors, I devised a list, or manager playbook of rookie mistakes that I vowed never to repeat. Below I’ll walk through some of the things I have seen personally. The stories you are about to read are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. keep reading…