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Brett Minchington

Brett Minchington MBA, chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International, is a global authority, author, and corporate advisor on employer branding. His global footprint includes delivering employer branding events and training in more than 50 cities in 30 to thousands of senior leaders from a majority of Global 500 companies. He is the world’s most published author in employer branding and has featured in major newspapers, HR, management, and marketing publications around the world. He has consulted to firms on global and national employer brand strategic projects and his latest book "Employer branding and the new world@work” is the latest thinking on employer branding. It’s a must read for leaders responsible for the attraction, engagement, and retention of talent. Information about his books and articles on employer branding can be found online.

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15 Employer Branding Best Practices You Need to Know

by Feb 17, 2015, 5:12 am ET

ownershipI was fortunate to share many wonderful moments with friends and partners during my 2014 Employer Brand Global Tour, which took me to London, New York, Milan, Vilnius, Toronto, Sydney, Perth, Cluj, Bucharest, Vienna, Stockholm, and Singapore! On the way home (24 hours of flying) I reflected as I always do at this time of the year to think about the year ahead.

I’ve now travelled to more than 50 cities in 30 countries on my employer branding global tours since 2007 and each city I visit provides new insights into the challenges and successes companies are experiencing in developing, implementing, and managing their employer brand strategy.

The rest of this year will be a break out year for the employer branding industry if the trend of companies hiring dedicated employer brand leaders continues as it has over the past few years. We will see a tipping point in employer branding, led by the U.S. keep reading…

What We Learned Looking at Hundreds of Job Ads for Employer Brand Leaders

by Aug 20, 2014, 12:57 am ET
epartment(s) responsible for managing their employer brand (more than one answer is possible)

Department(s) responsible for managing their employer brand (more than one answer is possible)

Over the past seven years I have been fortunate to travel to more than 50 cities in 30 countries to share my employer branding knowledge and experience with thousands of leaders. The No. 1 issue that continues to draw discussion and debate is whether employer branding should be a human resources or marketing function — or both! There are also a number of leaders which support the view it requires a combination of expertise from multiple functions to effectively deliver an employer brand strategy that builds value.

Declining Role of HR keep reading…

Employer Branding Without Borders – A Pathway to Corporate Success

by Jul 5, 2011, 5:23 am ET
The extended version of this article will be published in the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership.

Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster. –Professor Geert Hofstede, Dutch social psychologist

One of the greatest challenges facing global companies right now is their ability to exploit synergies and efficiencies in their global talent acquisition and retention programs. When considered with the fact we are about to enter an era of unparalleled talent scarcity around the world, the role of the global employer brand manager is set to become one of the most critical roles inside global companies.

Global talent acquisition has become increasingly complex. The need for systems integration, understanding of culture diversity, social and technological changes, jobless, uneven economic recoveries in many countries, the threat of declining fertility rates, inequality in global education standards, and the impact of aging populations in many developed economies has created multiple challenges for global companies which show no signs of easing soon!

Leaders I speak with around the world are saying they are running hard to stand still and where previously they could take 1-2 years to research, develop, and implement talent acquisition and retention strategies, the competitiveness for talent is demanding leaders react quicker and more decisively to stay ahead of the competition.

Even top employer-branding companies like Google, Adidas, and Deloitte are constantly seeking innovative ways to source, develop, and retain talent. If that’s what is happening with the market leaders, consider the millions of other companies around the world who have similar challenges. At a global level the problem is magnified to unthinkable proportions and the solutions are going to need a mix of short- and long-term initiatives including collaboration between companies, industries, universities, and governments. There is no benefit to global corporations if leadership talent is in high supply in Scandinavia when manufacturing operations are in India and there is a dearth of leaders with the right skills.

The Reality of Globalization and its Impact on Employer Branding

The social and culture integration brought about through globalization can foster broader understanding and co-operation between employees around the world, and potentially economies of scale in the allocation of human resources, but is it really that simple? keep reading…

Get Your Employer Branding Back on Track

by Apr 13, 2011, 12:29 pm ET

The biggest challenge I find for managers responsible for the employer brand strategy is they don’t understand the science of branding and lack knowledge in branding principle and practices which have been informed by decades of research into how brands grow. I’m going to go over that here, and then get to what you can do to grow your company brand.

Common employer branding mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes I see made by companies include: keep reading…

Companies Must Segment and Target Their Value Propositions to Influence and Attract the Best Talent

by Jul 1, 2010, 12:29 pm ET

Influencing candidates to join your company will require a segmented and targeted recruitment communications approach — that’s the key take-away from our Employer Brand International’s global research study to identify the key ‘Influencers of Employment Choice.’ The global study surveyed more than 400 employees to determine what influences their employment choice. The survey found there was a high degree of variation by region, gender, age, organization type, position levels, and employment tenure across 15 employment attributes such as leadership, communications, work environment, and corporate social responsibility. The findings provide a wakeup call for organizations currently relying on a ‘one size fits all’ approach to recruiting talent.

The findings come at a critical time as organizations adapt to the ‘new normal’ where the cost of a bad hire will impact companies more than ever before. keep reading…