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Adem Tahiri

Adem Tahiri is a senior HR and recruiting consultant, writer, and investor. While he currently serves clients with corporate recruitment expertise, he also has experience as a director of recruiting, staffing manager, and recruiter for third-party recruitment firms. In addition to writing about recruitment strategies, he writes for various investment publications, providing analysis on employment trends and how they impact the financial markets. Follow him on twitter @adem_tahiri

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3 Things You Need to Do to Close the Prize Hire (Confessions of a Recovering Headhunter)

by Nov 28, 2012, 6:21 am ET

bust of Socrates

I’ve always thought corporate recruiters could learn a lot from “headhunters” — not because I’m biased due to years spent in third-party recruitment (both as a recruiter and manager). It’s just that when I came to the “other side” I noticed one glaring weakness.

Corporate recruiters are very “process driven” and not very good, well, “hunters”; at least that tends to be the case for corporate recruiters newer to the profession. They get the procedures down quickly but they just haven’t been exposed to the world of recruiting and closing higher-level talent. More senior corporate recruiters, on average, have been exposed to both sides and may already use some of the principles I’ll discuss.

A few quick facts about recruiting top talent in the U.S. Currently in the U.S. unemployment is hovering around 8%, yet, more than 52% of employers (according to the Wall Street Journal) say they cannot fill their positions. How can this be? How can we have, in this economy, a jobs gap of nearly 4 million? keep reading…