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Adam Hilliard

Adam Hilliard is an I/O psychologist and consultant for the Pittsburgh-based Select International. He specializes in designing highly defensible selection systems for high-volume hiring initiatives and startups in legally tenuous environments, maintaining a client base of 50+ organizations in the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and call center service industries. He is very active with the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, with involvement in a number of standing committees, and regularly presents at its annual conference.

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Employment Tests Are Anything but Irrelevant

by May 21, 2013, 6:42 am ET

Last week, I found myself wearing down several hours sitting in an airport by catching the latest and greatest in the HR/employment sphere through LinkedIn, when I stumbled onto an article by Dr. Charles Handler titled “Employment Tests Are Becoming Irrelevant for Predicting Job Success.”  I was intrigued. After all, I am a consultant for a company in which a core area of our business is from said employment tests. Especially with that title, shock value achieved.

The article brings to light a number of interesting ideas about big data via social media and how it stands to influence the way we look at pre-employment. However new and edgy gathering such data via social media may be, it isn’t without its flaws.  Furthermore, if someone has to stand up for employment tests, I begrudgingly accept.

From the first excerpt, “The Impact of Publicly Available ‘Free-range’ Data,”

People born in the past decade or so, along with all persons to come, will begin accumulating a personal digital fingerprint that will be associated with them from cradle to the grave … We are even starting to see research that suggests we can gauge an individual’s job success from social media data such as one’s Facebook usage. keep reading…