Yes, Another Employee Referral Company Is Coming

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 7.37.32 AMThe Christmas season brings us a new entrant into the employee-referral technology world, a world full of startups that have graced the pages of this site, bridging potential employees with potential employers through social media.

With YesGraph, based in San Francisco, you can, they say, “send out the job and referrals flow in.”

YesGraph has seven employees, most remote, and the product is currently free to check out.

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Some other new companies you may not know:

  • Out of Ireland, Globehook has what it calls “unbeatable matching software.” More than a year in the making, it matches people based on 10 factors such as job type, location, qualifications, and salary. Version 1, Ryanair, Ergo, TerminarFour, Central Bank of Ireland, and Stream Ireland are interested in trying it out.
  • Mars jobs lists startup and technology jobs in Berlin (where it’s based), as well as in London, Buenos Aires, and San Francisco.
  • And then there is the site “Poached Jobs” to handle the tasks of posting and managing resumes for — you guessed it — the restaurant industry.
  • RecruitingAX is starting up in Munich and in German, English, and Spanish is offering a way to source, post jobs, manage the applicants, and more.